Aug. Fri 10th, 2018 - 05:01:14

Narnoo’s Booking Gateway

Narnoo now has the ability to act as a central gateway between a supplier’s reservation system and other wholesale platforms in the tourism industry.

Narnoo BYOB gateway

Why has Narnoo done this?

  • To give agents the ability to set up affordable tourism reservation websites with live availability and bookings.
  • To provide a portal that standardises the process of linking to the ever increasing number of tourism reservation systems in the marketplace.
  • To highlight the need for suppliers to have their business set up with an appropriate reservation system.

How it works

Narnoo BYOB gateway

  1. Supplier adds the products they want to sell within their Narnoo business account.
  2. Narnoo maps these products to their respective reservation systems.
  3. Agent link to supplier’s product catalogue through Narnoo.

Narnoo is not a reservation system!

Narnoo only provides a link between products and the various booking systems in the marketplace. For an agent to use Narnoo’s reservation gateway the agent needs their own account with each reservation system. All commercials are negotiated between the supplier and the agent directly. Narnoo does not get in the way of the payment process.



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