Nov. Fri 16th, 2018 - 04:19:27

Narnoo Operator Plugin

The above video shows a working example of how a business can interact with their Narnoo account via their WordPress backend.

The plugin helps:

  • streamline the process of interacting with a business’s promotional material.
  • Seeding a website with operator information
  • Delivery of files

The video shows how you can download the “Narnoo Operator Plugin” directly from the WordPress plugins page and set it up to interact with the business’s Narnoo account.

Some benefits of the Narnoo Operator Plugin are:

  • Sync media between Narnoo account and WordPress backend.
  • Download original media hosted in Narnoo from WordPress backend.
  • Import Narnoo product information into the WordPress backend.
  • Insert CDN hosted media directly into WordPress blog posts.



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