Feb. Thu 28th, 2019 - 05:43:48

Narnoo Is Language Translation

We have introduced automatic language translation into our company biography and product information text!

This isn’t your standard word-for-word translation. This is using neural machine translation which is a form of language translation automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural sounding translation than traditional statistical and rule-based translation algorithms.

We automatically convert english entries into:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German

We have the ability to translate into a further 16 languages if the need is required. We might add these additional languages as an on demand bases.

Although this feature is automatically added to all company bio’s and product details the benefits are only available to paid businesses and distributors.

All distributor’s accessing your business content will have access to these language translations.

Paid operators will be able to access and edit these language versions and also share them via their product share pages.



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