Jan. Thu 4th, 2018 - 02:07:50

Our sign in procedure is changing!

Narnoo is changing the way users sign in and interact with businesses.

Instead of signing directly into a business account, users will now sign into their own individual account areas and from there, navigate to any business that they have been linked to. Users will be able to sign in with their own email address, Facebook or Google accounts.

Why have we made this change?

We have decided to make this change for a number of reason.

Accessibility – It will be easier to sign in.

    • It is easier for an individual to manage their own login credentials.
    • We can provide sign in options from third party applications such as Facebook and Google.
    • Users can access multiple business accounts from a single login.

Roles – It will be easier to manage accounts

    • Business administrators can assign individual users access to their account.
    • These users can have different roles such as Administrator, Staff and Media/trade.

Reduce confusion – A single portal

    • Content access can all happen from a single portal with no need to create custom, public facing libraries.

Increase sharing – share with lots of users

    • Distributor’s can share their content directly between each other.
    • Operator’s can also share their content between agents and operators alike.

How it will work?

Once a user signs into Narnoo they will be presented with either, a dashboard page containing any agent or operator account that they are linked to, or if the user is linked to only one business account then they will be automatically redirected to the business account’s dashboard.

Users will be able to add new business accounts and request access to existing business accounts.

Freemium Options

Options will be limited for non-financial subscribers. We provide a freemium option with all basic features free to users and businesses. However limitations will include, a reduced number of users assignable to a business.



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