Feb. Fri 8th, 2019 - 02:09:18

Image Artificial Intelligence

We have added artificial intelligence into our image processing engine!

The purpose of this is to add automatic scene detection to any image that is uploaded into a business account. The benefits of this is that we can create automatic tag clouds for our images and therefore, provide unique searching methods.

Our AI process works by recognising objects within an image and naming these. Every object is given a score of confidence and we only choose scene names when the confidence level is over 85%.

Example of scene detection in an image

One instance where we are using this within our own application is with related images. We can now group images based on the scenes detected.

From mobile app – main image on the left and then related images on the right

This tag cloud will now allow new applications that use images to search for tourism products possible.

It will be exciting to see where this AI goes and we will be using it in other areas of our application as well.



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