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How distributors can use Narnoo

We have a number of different distributor types which all require different aspects of our Narnoo platform. This blog post goes over a number of these to show how they can best use the Narnoo system.

We will be looking at the following distributor types:

  • Tour Desks
  • Online Agent
  • Reservation Systems
  • Tourism Organisation

Tour Desks

Tour desks are bricks and mortar businesses that have a physical presence. This presence can be an established shop or within a hotel lobby. Their primary focus is on selling supplier products to customers that walk into their location.

Their primary need for Narnoo is as follows:

  • Connect with suppliers which they sell
    • Only interact with suppliers in Narnoo that they want to.
  • Request information from suppliers
    • Request rates, media and send messages to suppliers
  • Access supplier product information
    • Real time access to supplier product information
  • Access multilingual translations for their suppliers’ products
    • Narnoo uses neural machine translation to automatically convert text copy to multiple languages
  • Extend their reach by creating rich online booking applications quickly, affordably with live availability and instant bookings.
    • Narnoo has a suite of WordPress plugins that does all the heavy work when creating a bookings website.

Online Agent

Online agents are distributors that sell supplier products via their online applications. These applications can be websites or mobile apps. Their primary focus is on selling supplier products to customers that find their way to the distributor’s online portals.

Their primary need for Narnoo is similar to that of a Tour desk. However Narnoo also provides them the ability to:

  • Book direct with the supplier and maintain direct commission relationships.
    • Narnoo has integrations into many supplier’s reservation systems. This means that the agent and supplier can negotiate their own commission rate. Narnoo does not take a clip in the financial arrangement.

Reservation System

Reservation systems are distributors that provide a booking service to suppliers. This service is commonly either the suppliers own reservation system or it’s a wholesaler that sells the suppliers’ product on their behalf.

Their primary use for Narnoo is more about connecting with suppliers and accessing supplier information. With Narnoo a reservation system can ingest Narnoo data to help seed their supplier’s listing information.

  • Webhooks allow for application to application communication. When a supplier updates content in Narnoo this can automatically be updated in their system.
    • Reservation systems can take advantage on Narnoo’s media processing engines and neural machine translation to pull data into their systems when operators take action, in real time.
  • White-labeled websites – Wholesalers can offer premium websites to their agents.
    • Narnoo’s WordPress plugins allow for rapid and affordable website creation.
    • Narnoo has the ability to restrict distributors platform selection. This means if a wholesaler brings Narnoo an agent we can restrict them solely to use that wholesalers system.

Tourism Organisations

Tourism Organisations are distributors that provide a promotional service to suppliers. Their main purpose is to promote a region and the members / suppliers in that region.

Their primary purpose for using Narnoo is to store their own media content and also connect with their suppliers and members. Tourism Organisations want to be able to:

  • Communicate with their suppliers
    • See when suppliers have added more content
    • Broadcast announcements to the staff and administrators of their connected suppliers
  • Access the public high resolution media of their suppliers
  • Access their supplier content in multi-languages
  • Distribute their regional high resolution media
  • Create users who can access their media via the distributors own portals.
    • Users can include trade and media
    • Embed widgets to login directly into the distributors’ media library.

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