• May. Tue 14th, 2019

WordPress Plugin Updated

We have updated our WordPress plugins to work with the latest version of the WordPress core. WP 5.2.0. Updated Narnoo Token Updated the WordPress Narnoo API calls to check if the token is still valid. If the token is not valid a new one will be requested and stored. This has been implemented to take […]

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  • Feb. Thu 28th, 2019

Narnoo Is Translating

Narnoo Is Language Translation We have introduced automatic language translation into our company biography and product information text! This isn’t your standard word-for-word translation. This is using neural machine translation which is a form of language translation automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural sounding translation than traditional statistical […]

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  • Feb. Tue 26th, 2019

How distributors can use Narnoo

How distributors can use Narnoo We have a number of different distributor types which all require different aspects of our Narnoo platform. This blog post goes over a number of these to show how they can best use the Narnoo system. We will be looking at the following distributor types: Tour Desks Online Agent Reservation […]

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  • Feb. Fri 8th, 2019

Image Artificial Intelligence

Image Artificial Intelligence We have added artificial intelligence into our image processing engine! The purpose of this is to add automatic scene detection to any image that is uploaded into a business account. The benefits of this is that we can create automatic tag clouds for our images and therefore, provide unique searching methods. Our […]

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  • Nov. Fri 16th, 2018

Narnoo Operator Plugin

Narnoo Operator Plugin The above video shows a working example of how a business can interact with their Narnoo account via their WordPress backend. The plugin helps: streamline the process of interacting with a business’s promotional material. Seeding a website with operator information Delivery of files The video shows how you can download the “Narnoo […]

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  • Aug. Fri 10th, 2018

Narnoo’s Booking Gateway

Narnoo’s Booking Gateway Narnoo now has the ability to act as a central gateway between a supplier’s reservation system and other wholesale platforms in the tourism industry. Why has Narnoo done this? To give agents the ability to set up affordable tourism reservation websites with live availability and bookings. To provide a portal that standardises […]

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  • Jan. Thu 4th, 2018

Narnoo Is Making Signing In Easier

Our sign in procedure is changing! Narnoo is changing the way users sign in and interact with businesses. Instead of signing directly into a business account, users will now sign into their own individual account areas and from there, navigate to any business that they have been linked to. Users will be able to sign […]

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  • Oct. Mon 16th, 2017

Narnoo’s First Blog Finally Here

It’s taken us some time but we have finally set up our Narnoo blog. We will be discussing all our latest tech and anything we find interesting on the world wide web. Thanks to Advanced QLD and our Ignite funding grant we will also be discussing and highlighting the progress of our projects. Make sure […]

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